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Bring the enchanting world of SailorLeyla directly to your home with this exclusive collection!


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of SailorLeyla with our exclusive product bundle! Perfect for any SailorLeyla fan, this set includes a variety of carefully crafted items that capture the magic and charm of the series.

Each product is designed with great attention to detail, ensuring high quality and aesthetic appeal. Whether you want to decorate your room, add some flair to your keys, or have a stylish notebook for your creative ideas, this bundle has something for everyone.



  • SailorLeyla Postcard
  • SailorLeyla Dove Postcard
  • SailorLeyla Cloud Postcard
  • SailorLeyla Dove Poster
  • Sailor Leyla Cloud Poster
  • SailorLeyla Keychain (with Pantsu): A must-have for your keys or backpacks.
  • SailorLeyla Notepad: For all your creative ideas and notes.
  • SailorLeyla Standee: A great centerpiece for your shelf or desk.


Do NOT include:

  • SailorLeyla Mousepad


Note: Colors may vary slightly due to lighting and monitor settings.

SailorLeyla Bundle 2024

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