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Terms Of Service


  • By commissioning me you have read and agreed to my Terms of Services. You also must be 18 or older.

  • For the invoice you must provide your full name and address, this information is required for german invoices to be official. I will not share sensitive information with any third party, it is for this purpose only.

  • I usually work faster than the turnaround times mentioned below, but in case I get sick or need to take time off I calculated more time just in case.


  • Payment will be upfront in full and in Euro. I do not accept partial payment.


  • 2 minor revisions that take up to 10 minutes of time are free of charge per commission (color change, facial expression etc). If I need more than 10 minutes for the change I will charge extra, price depends on complexity. Mistakes I made are free of charge!


  • Depending on complexity of the commission I might take up to 1-6 months for your commission. I appreciate patience and not being rushed for a commission since I always try to put in as much energy as I can. Rush fees (+ 50% of base price) will be applied if a deadline does not work with my usual turnaround time schedule (listed below).

  • Here is a general turnaround time for each commission type once payment has been placed:

Headshot, Halfbody, Thigh-Up, Chibi and Design work (without extras) = 3 months

Fullbody (without extras) = 4 months

Dakimakura (two sided), Chibi Vtuber models (without extras) = 5 months

Vtuber Models = 6 months

Extras may increase the time for up to 1 month.

  • I send all commission files in digital form via email or discord.


  • Personal use only, if not commissioned for commercial purposes. Commercial usage includes using for Streaming activites, merch, patreon etc. If unsure please talk to me beforehand.

  • If you commission me for commercial purposes, the base prices in my commission info do not apply. Commercial commissions will be charged x1,5-x2,5 of the base price.

  • If the character of the commission is not your OC I might sell merch of it in the future. As a gift u may ask me for a digital copy of other artworks I have done.


  • All rights reserved ©2023 SailorLeyla

  • My drawings always come with a (small) watermark unless your commission is a commercial one!


  • No refunds after I started working on your request, if a refund has been requested before I will refund the amount I have gotten after fees.


  • Through dm on twitter or discord (SailorLeyla)

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