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Personal Commissions: Selective

Commercial Commissions: Selective

Fu Xuan low res.png



Digital headshot Illustration - Character will be displayed from shoulder up. Commercial use, complex character designs, items, NSFW requests and simple background details will increase the total price. See 'Extras' list below!

By sending a commission request you have read and agreed to my terms of services.


  • Detailed Character Design +50-200€

  • Commercial fee + 1.5-2.5x the base price (for example: 'Starting Soon' illustrations, merch, Patreon rewards, etc.)

  • Weapons, Wings etc. +80€

  • Simple Background (Bubbles, Flowers etc.) +100€

  • Complex Background +300

  • NSFW Variant + 40% of base price

  • Daki variation per side +200€

  • Confidential fee / Unable to be streamed +10% of baseprice

  • Illustration cutting for Live2D +150-350€ depending on complexity

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