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Terms Of Service

  • Payment will be upfront and in Euro only.

  • You have to be 18 or older to commission me.

  • Digital drawings will only be sent via e-mail.

  • Once I received the payment and I started drawing you cannot cancel your order.

  • Please keep in mind that art needs time, so please do not rush me. Bigger projects might take up to 6 months!

  • My drawings always come with a (small) watermark to protect myself.

  • I do not change my drawing by request unless I made a mistake!

  • I hold every rights of the artwork! You may use it for private purposes only such as reposting (with credits) etc. If you are not sure, ask me first.

  • If you commission me for commercial purposes, the prices above do not apply. Commercial commissions will be charged x 1,5 - x 2,5 of the base price.

  • If your commission is not your OC, I might be selling prints of it in the future! As a gift, you will receive digital copies from other drawings!

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